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A Medical Coding and Billing Service


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Clean Claim, LLC is dedicated to helping  providers reach their goal of maximum reimbursement. We want to give providers peace of mind knowing charge entry is completed with meticulous accuracy. Clean Claim, LLC has a high success rate of keeping your outstanding accounts receivable over 90 days old to a minimum.

         OUR TEAM
Team work

Our team consists of professionals who have a combined 38 + years of experience! Our attention to detail is second to none. Our experienced team of experts provides accurate and reliable billing solutions, allowing healthcare providers to focus on providing the best patient care.

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Are you frustrated with your claims not getting paid? At Clean Claim, LLC we verify all charges are correct and billed in accordance with AMA coding standards and insurance guidelines. We understand that medical billing can be complex and time consuming, which is why we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a worry-free experience. We strive to make the billing process as simple and straightforward as possible, while providing our clients with the best possible results.

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