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Medical Coding & Billing

Unlike most medical billing companies,

Clean Claim, LLC does not consider
charge entry a simple data entry function.

At Clean Claim, LLC, we feel charge entry

is the most important step in the claims process.


  Clean Claim, LLC:

* Has Certified Professional Coders with extensive medical coding


* Our coders are experts in assigning correct CPT and ICD-10 codes to


* Our coders are well-versed in the appropriate usage of modifiers so

   claims get paid with the initial claim submission.

* Claims are submitted electronically in a timely manner. Denials are

   kept to a minimum and are worked efficiently upon receipt.

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Sure you're receiving max reimbursement?


Clean Claim, LLC would love to perform a comprehensive review for you. We will determine if your claims are being submitted cleanly and efficiently. 

  Our experts will:

* Review your denials.

* Help identify areas needing improvement.

* Advise you of any potential improvements that would

  help make your practice more successful. 


Family Practice

Internal Medicine




General Surgery


And many others

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The goal: do it right the first time, all the time

Clean Claim, LLC knows the importance of obtaining correct insurance information on the front end. We will support your front desk team, offering training on multiple insurance types.

~~Become Subject Matter Experts on Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and worker's compensation.~~

* Correct coding starts with identifying the many different

   Medicare and Medicaid MCOs.

* In an ever-changing world, we'll set your team up for success

   on how to properly identify insurances to assure

   accuracy throughout the rest of the process.

* Additionally, with a background in Compliance, we also offer

  HIPAA training. 

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