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Our Mission

We want to help providers be successful!

The sole purpose of Clean Claim, LLC is to get you paid for every dollar that your practice deserves. Teamed with us, the challenges of receiving sub-par reimbursements are eliminated. 

Our commitment to you: We will provide a worry-free experience. We will strive to make the billing process as simple and straightforward as possible, while providing our clients with the best possible results.

Crystal Drake - President

I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years. I have personally worked every aspect of the revenue cycle.  I have also worked in Healthcare and Coding Compliance.


After working for a variety of healthcare providers, from small practices to large hospital systems, to billing companies, I got frustrated at the attitude of "just get the claim out the door as fast as possible", regardless of it being coded correctly or not. It was hard to watch the influx of new employees who were being hired just to do all the follow up work, when the coders were not supported or given the time to enter charges correctly.

I decided to start my own billing company in order to help providers get the money they are owed so they can run a successful practice.


My philosophy has always been "Great patient care does not end when the patient leaves the office. It should continue all the way through the billing process. A patient will forget the great care provided by the provider if they receive an incorrect bill."

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